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Frequently Asked Questions

As we are always trying to better serve you, this page is continuously begin updated as we receive questions from our customers. We hope you find this useful, but if you still have questions unanswered, email us at buy@thebellydanceshop.com

Policies and Shipping:

Do you ship internationally? Please read "Shipping Your Order"

Do you have a layaway plan? Please read "Payment Policy"

Do you have a catalog? No, we are sorry, but we do not have one available at this time.

Do you accept Money Orders or Checks? Please read "Payment Policy"

How can I order an item that is currently sold out? Please read "Placing an Order"

I have a gift certificate, but the shipping fee is not being deducted from my total?
Unfortunately, gift certificates can not be used for the cost of the shipping fee. Please read more here

I used my gift certificate on line, but I didn't use all of it, can I still use the remainder with the same coupon code? If you do not use all of your gift certificate at one time, please contact us via e-mail at buy@thebellydanceshop.com and quote us your order number and coupon code and we will adjust your balance and issue another coupon code. Please read more here


How do I know which size is the best fit for me? Please read "Costume Alterations"

Why are the straps made so long on your costumes? Please read "Costume Alterations"

Why are the costumes sold from this site so easy to alter? Please read "Costume Alterations"

What does, for example, a "B/C" cup mean? Please read "Costume Alterations"

To alter my costume, can I just cut it and stitch it back together? Please read "Costume Alterations"

The cups of my bra are a bit large, what can I do? Please read "Costume Alterations"

May I special order a costume? At this time we are not taking custom orders, sorry.

Hip Scarves:

Does the pattern need to meet in the middle when I have tied my scarf? No, the pattern doesn't need to meet, it is personal preference. You can always add some coins to the less decorated areas!

Will my scarf stretch after I have tied it a few times? It may stretch if constantly pulled tightly over a long period of time. Adding a hook and eye to close the scarf around your hips then loosely tying it is one suggestion to avoid this. You may also wish to safety pin your hip scarf closed, then loosely tying it.

Are the hip scarves very heavy with all the coins and beading? Generally they are not as heavy as they look. We mainly use aluminum coins on our products. They are lighter to ship from the Middle East, so that keeps the cost lower and they are less damaging to the fabric, not to mention easier on the dancers hips!

Skirts and Veils:

My skirt is a little long, how can I alter this? You may want to try rolling down the waist band rather than hemming the skirt. Generally, a belt or scarf is placed over it as a final touch. This is also a good idea as it makes the waist band not so obvious.

The skirt I purchased is sheer, do dancers wear it on its own when they perform? This is personal preference again. Some dancers do, some add a privacy short (like biking shorts) and some layer it with another skirt or harem pants. A contrasting color underneath always looks pretty and unique!

What is the standard veil size? A veils length will vary with the dancers height, preference and how it is being used. Generally you will find that veils are between 2.75-3 yards in length and at least 45 inches wide.

What is the difference between silk veils and other materials? Silk flows and has a life of its own. It is more difficult to use outdoors as it is so light weight, but it really flows beautifully. Other materials tend to be heavier, especially decorated materials so they are easier to control. Again, it is personal preference, but its a good idea to familiar with many types of fabric and how they move.


The top I purchased doesn't show my stomach as much as I would like, what can I do? You can shorten the straps a bit, maybe cross them in the back if they are detachable. You may also tack or pin up the center base line of the top in the front to make a reverse V cut on the stomach or do the same on the sides.

The top I like is a scoop neckline, but I would like a "V' neckline, is there a way to alter the scoop neckline? You may just pin or tack the neckline from the inside, hiding the pin or thread, downward towards the center of the chest.

Can the tops with all the sequin designs be washed? When an item is handmade with sequin, stones, beads or palettes do not wash them in a machine. Hand wash them gently, pat dry the sparkles. The more you wash them they will lose their luster. Try washing just the underarms and airing them out now and then rather then washing the item often.

Harem Pants:

How can I wash the harem pants? Non silk harem pants may be washed in the machine on cold or hand washed. Hang them to dry. To remove the wrinkles you can steam them, iron them or after letting them be exposed to steam in a bathroom, blow the wrinkles out with a hairdryer kept a few inches from the fabric. We do not recommend washing the silk harem pants.

Chain Belts:

When I clasp my chain belt closed I have a lot of extra links overlapping, what can I do? Try removing some of the links so it will be easier to put on and take off.

One of my coins has fallen out, how can I stop this from happening? It is a good idea to tighten all the small loops connecting your chain belt with pliers before wearing it frequently. It takes a bit of time, but it is worth it!